Finding Joy, Peace, and Happiness

is easier than you think.

Wives, do you want to love your marriage? I’m Joyce Zook and I’m here to help you love your marriage. I’ll show you the practical steps you need to become a godly wife and improve your relationship with your husband. You will discover what you as a wife can do to create a wonderful marriage when I show you how to apply these biblical principles to your life.

Romance, Passion, Intimacy


Women have rekindled the love and passion in their marriages and others have been saved from divorce after an affair. The key to transforming your marriage is to change yourself, then watch and see what God will do with your husband. I’ll help you each step of the way.

Do you feel frustrated and helpless,

Convinced that you can’t change marriage?


Maintaining the love and intimacy in your marriage can be difficult, especially when life is full of kids, work, church, and other activities. It doesn’t take long for doubt, depression, and despair to steal your joy.

It’s easy to feel…

  • Disappointed at your lack of ability to communicate with your husband
  • Unhappy because you’ve lost yourself in the busyness of life
  • Fearful your marriage might not last the struggles you face
  • Frustrated because you can’t get him to change
  • Angry at his lack of understanding of what’s important to you

"You have blessed my marriage more than you will ever know. Thank you for your kind words, encouragement and guidance."

~ Marriage Success Group

I have been where you are.


My first marriage failed due to abuse and infidelity. After the pain and suffering, I craved a relationship based on commitment and love. I wanted a marriage that would last a life-time; a man who wanted only me.

A year after Aaron and I married, I became a Christian. I wanted to learn about marriage from God’s perspective and what it meant to be a godly wife. Rapidly I discovered that I couldn’t change my husband even though I tried making suggestions, nagging, and correcting.

When I decided to apply the biblical principles I was learning to my life and leave my husband in God’s hands, my marriage improved. Nagging, complaining, and criticism didn’t work. But when I changed my words, attitude, and actions my relationship with my husband got better and I enjoyed our marriage again.

38 years and my husband is still the love of my life.

You can have a wonderful marriage!

I will help you create


"You gave practical tips to improve our marriages. Great knowledge and life lessons. I liked the great advice given by seasoned women."

~ Marriage Success Group

“We are communicating and enjoying each other again which is wonderful for us and our children.”

Lori Stevens

“I think of myself as doing things pretty darn well, but honey…we all have room for improvement! ”

Jennifer Cook

“Joyce Zook shares her wisdom with you through the lens of God and through the love she has for Him, you, and the sacrament of marriage!” Kathryn Bonner

Awakenings Life Coaching

My Free Gift To You

Here’s how I can help.

We will work together so you can:

  • Communicate effectively without yelling or fighting
  • Enjoy time with your husband and greater intimacy
  • Feel like a wife and not a business partner
  • Find time to pursue your passions and dreams
  • Replace worry about the future with confidence
  • Develop trust and understanding
  • Coaching by phone or video conference

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