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The King is Coming

The King is Coming! And my home is strewn with boxes of Christmas decorations and chaos. A group of snowmen and angels wait on one end of the kitchen counter for me to decide where to put them. Other boxes sit half filled in our  bedroom with things I have taken down....

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He Pulled My Hair

He pulled my hair. Now that’s a true statement, but let me tell you how pulling my hair changed my life 38 years ago. This night was special. My pulse raced as I walked into the gym. Three weeks until the show opened and tonight we began the choreography to accompany...

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Joyce Zook shares her wisdom with you through the lens of God, the love she has for Him and the sacrament of marriage. It is a MUST read! Kathryn Bonner

Awakenings Life-Biz Coaching

Joyce provides a biblically based study to guide women through the difficulties marriage can bring. Her step by step recommendations are coupled beautifully with Bible verses that not only point wives in the right direction, but also give details on the way our Heavenly Father intended marriage to be. 12 Keys for Marriage Success is truly a blessing for any woman seeking to enhance her union. Liz Williams

Mother and Military Wife

Joyce’s experience, her spiritually and her knowledge of Godly relationships all intertwined together in a must-read for anyone contemplating marriage or currently married. Toschia Moffett

National Best Selling author, Attorney

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