How to Dress without Being Gaudy or Boring

Dressing well means you wear clothes which fit you properly and are the right style for your body type. By wearing your choice of personal accessories you create your own unique look. Wear too many adornments and you look over dressed; too few and your outfit seems...

How My Stuff Became Someone Else’s Fun

    Summer is approaching and  it’s time to clear our closets of the winter accumulation to get ready for summer. My friend, Janet Brown, wrote this great post about her Great  Cleaning Project.  Enjoy! Our great cleaning project began because a...

Which Door Did You Come In?

We walked through the cobblestone streets in the old part of Salzburg, Austria. While my husband searched for the places where the action in his next adventure mystery book would take place, his mind was consumed with the plot. I felt bored and invisible as he focused...

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6 Free God and Your Closet Videos- DeClutter Your Closet

Thank you for signing up! God created each woman beautiful! Reflect what He sees in the way you dress When you look happy and joyful, You draw others to you opening doors of opportunity. Click to Download - 6 FREE GOD AND YOUR CLOSET VIDEOS- DECLUTTER YOUR CLOSET