What Does He Want?

  A few years after we got married I asked my husband what he wanted from me as a wife. My precious guy thought for a while and then said, “Happy, healthy and rested.” If you want to ask your husband this question, be cautious and ask him to give you only one or...

Wife, Lover, and Girlfriend

  Our men want to know we love them and like spending time with them. Tell your husband the good qualities you see in him and ignore the rest. Praise his personality, physical characteristics, the way he handles the children and his great work habits. Learn to...

Kids or Hubby, Which Comes First?

Where do children fit into a marriage? Many women mix up their priorities and place the children at a higher level than their husbands. Most children grow up, move out and leave home. We want our marriages to last beyond the child rearing years so we can enjoy life as...

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