Valentines Romance

It’s Valentine’s Day and we you want to give your husband a present he won’t forget. Many women get stuck and don’t know how to get in the mood for romance. Since I’m a grandma, I have taken the verses in Titus 2 where it instructs the older women to teach the younger...

The Best Christmas Ever

by Peggy Tesdahl Come on everybody. Over here. No – over here. I’ve found it! Oh yeah, this really is the best one ever. I put the house to bed; turned off lights, and checked doors. I tried to remember to remember if I’d unplugged this or that. When I...

The King is Coming

  The King is Coming! And my home is strewn with boxes of Christmas decorations and chaos. A group of snowmen and angels wait on one end of the kitchen counter for me to decide where to put them. Other boxes sit half filled in our  bedroom with things I have...

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