Dressing well means you wear clothes which fit you properly and are the right style for your body type. By wearing your choice of personal accessories you create your own unique look. Wear too many adornments and you look over dressed; too few and your outfit seems dull. How do you tell when you have just the right combination?

Look at your total outfit and count up the items listed on this Accessories List.

Count 1 for Each

Color in your outfit-(Two for a print)      Do not count a color duplicated in the print a second time.

Color of jewelry                     Piece of jewelry

Shoes with a decoration        Open toe shoes    Open heel shoes

Glasses                                Hair accessories

Colored tights or socks        Decorative buttons

Non-matching belt               Metal buckle

Nail color (other than a light neutral) count both toenail and finger nail separately

Don’t count your wedding rings. 

What is your total number?

8-12 is Just Right

7 or less is Boring

12 or more is Gaudy



Gaudy or Baoring


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