Where do children fit into a marriage? Many women mix up their priorities and place the children at a higher level than their husbands. Most children grow up, move out and leave home. We want our marriages to last beyond the child-rearing years so we can enjoy life as couples again and focus on each other.

If we allow the children to zap all our energy, our marriages will not provide us the joy and fulfillment we desire. One morning, you might discover that you live with a man you don’t even know or like any longer. Relationships like these often fall apart when the kids leave home.

Children feel warm and cuddly but consume an enormous amount of time. These gifts from God will take over our lives and cause strife in our marriages if we let them.

I love this picture because the kids have not come between Mom and Dad. Sitting next to our husbands with the kids snuggled up beside us is a simple way to keep our husbands at a higher priority than the children.

Time for Him

Strengthen your marriage by asking God to help you keep your loved one in his proper place. Fulfill his needs; social, sexual, and emotional, then meet the children’s demands. Our husbands aren’t ogres because they want time with us. They love the children too, but tour kids aren’t supposed to be our primary focus. Our husband is.

Couples who won’t make an effort to spend time together find their married lives filled with boredom, frustration, anger, and resentment.

Decide today to place your mate ahead of the children. Maintain the proper order in your marriage. Our husbands come before the children.

Forgive me for all those times I gave my partner only what was left after everybody, and everything else had had its share. ~Steve Stephens

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