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Are you tired of feeling stressed? Tired of feeling like there is not enough time to get it all done? What if I told you I found the secret to living a balanced and successful life using Biblical principles? When time management isn’t enough we need someone to show us how we can live by our priorities. This book teaches us how to:

  • Reduce our stress
  • Organize our life
  • Create balance
  • Honor the important people in our lives
  • Find time for everything God wants us to do.

Take a close look at the seven primary priorities for our lives. Answer the questions in your personal inventory to see how your current activities match what God asks you to do. Learn the steps to balance your life. Fill in the gaps, use your stress reactions to benefit you, understand the effects of high energy activities, and manage your priorities list to live the life you want.

Discover how to meet the needs of each person in your family, including you. Know what God wants and decrease the frustration you feel. You can achieve your goals and please God with how you use your time.

1 review for Priorities for Life Audio Course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Powerful! I have an agenda and my priorities are simple and non-negotiable; God, exercise (yes, in that order.) If I’m not healthy how do I care for the rest) husband, house and the other two or three extra things like dinner with friends or meetings. If I don’t prioritize, I’ll be a very grumpy and exhausted girl by Sunday. I used to say yes to everything and everybody. By the time the weekend came, my house was not organized, I didn’t have time to exercise, and I was not giving quality attention to my loved ones. Yeah, talk about being disorganized. Thank goodness for a good agenda and Joyce Zook.

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