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A few years after we got married I asked my husband what he wanted from me as a wife. My precious guy thought for a while and then said, “Happy, healthy and rested.” If you’re going to ask your husband this question, be cautious and ask him to give you only one or two things and not a whole list.

At times I’ve felt happy, but not rested. In other seasons I’ve enjoyed happiness and rest, but suffered from some ailment. I desire to be all three; happy healthy and rested.

Give Your Best

The Bible says that the Proverb’s 31 Woman is kind to her husband all the days of her life, not most days. Make it your goal to give your man your very best every day. 

She brings him good not harm all the days of her life. ~Proverbs 31:12

Become an excellent wife and take charge of your thoughts, maintain or restore your physical body to optimal fitness and get plenty of rest. A healthy you, body, mind, and spirit is one of the best gifts you can give your husband.


On a recent Today Show, they reported the results of a study on the effects of inadequate sleep. They discovered people who got only four to five hours of sleep acted as if they were legally drunk. Their ability to think and reason was impaired along with their balance and reflex actions. Lack of sleep decreased reasoning ability, less control over our emotions, and more irritability.

Get plenty of rest to keep your energy level up. Decide to stay rested, so you possess the vitality and stamina required to enjoy and cherish your husband. What can you do this week to get more sleep? Surprisingly, many times more rest starts with when we have dinner, and that often means we need a meal plan. Strange, but true!

By making your own life more satisfying, you take pressure off your spouse to be your sole source of happiness.~Teal Scott

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